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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

In this desert valley we take what we can get water wise.

Most of our water come from the Colorado river all the way down through the Grand Canyon then Lake Mead, Mohave and Havasu than a few hundred miles of canals. All the while its evaporating getting condensed picking up contaminants; lately it's has a total dissolved solids count of well over 1,000tds drinking water standards should be under 200! Our city water can come from several different place's canals, wells salt river project etc. and most of them are all over or around that 1,000tds mark. The main purpose of treatment before it gets to your home is for removing solids and sanitizing but leaves in countless impurities from chemicals, pesticides heavy metals and on and on yikes.

Bottled water is subject to leaching chemicals and plastics especially if they get warm and jugs are heavy and I know can spill. simple one pass filtration systems can improve taste and remove some impurities but need filled and tinkered with. Why settle for 1 stage filtration when you can have four five even six stages that actually use the same technologies for purification that give bottled water results right in your home with zero thought or effort!

We are talking 10-20 Tds down from 1,000 or 1,400 even. Its like having a pure spring in your home! With all the extra available water you can use for cooking, washing veggies, watering plants, in humidifiers or other appliances that need pure water and dont forget your beloved pets! Everyone can enjoy healthy pure water without the hassle. For me and my family its a no brainer!

call us today to get you outfitted with a beautiful system that matches your home decor.

It pays for itself fast.

Jake E

Professional Water Boy

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